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Can anything be done about my missing teeth?

Denver North Carolina Dentist

Yes!  We have many options for missing teeth, from implants to bridges and from partials to full dentures.  We work to replace missing teeth on a daily basis, so please come in for a consultation. The results will change your life!


What should I do if I have a toothache?

Please call our office as soon as you feel a toothache.  We strive to see toothache patients as quickly as possible.  Toothaches usually stem from infection as the site of the tooth.  Prolonged infection can lead to infection in the bloodstream and dangerous outcomes.  As our office is opened five days a week, we are more readily available to handle your emergency needs than most dental offices.  If you happen to call our office after hours, we can give you information to be seen at an emergency dental clinic.


Is there any way to better my smile?

Of course!  We have transformed the smiles of many patients with the use of tooth replacement and beautiful cosmetic veneers.  The solution can also be as simple as tooth-colored restorations and cosmetic whitening. What better way to improve your self-confidence by showing the world your new smile?!


Can you help me straighten my teeth without traditional braces?

While braces are the gold-standard for straightening teeth, veneers can often improve cases of mild tooth crowding and overlap.  Veneers are a welcome form of treatment for select patients who want to avoid wearing braces.


At what age do you recommend my child start getting regular dental check-ups?

The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children are evaluated by their first birthday.  While we will be glad to do fluoride counseling and emergency consultations at this young age, we have found that children usually cooperate for regular dental check-ups starting at ages three to four.  We have started seeing many children at this age who now have children of their own that we treat!